Ch Baylind Godolphin   born 31.11.2001- 25.03.2011  Factor VII Normal                           View Pedigree        



New Swedish Champions


International SKK Show in

Gothenburg 14.02.2004:


Ch Baylind Gambler:



Ch Baylind Godolphin:



Thanks to judge

Stefan Sinko (Slovenia) who thought so highly of them!





Gambler and Godolphin winning BOS and BOB and both gaining their crowns 

under Tina Permo (Sweden) in Sandefjord 18.01.2004




Photo: Kirsten Walhovd

Skedsmo 26.10:


Baylind Godolphin winning BOB and BIG 2

Her 8th  CC was awarded by

Ramalo Diogo (Portugal)





Baylind Godolphin winning Best Bitch 15 - 24 months

at the Deerhound Club Show in Tammsvik 27.07.2003

Judge Norma Sellers, USA



CC's by:

18.01.2004:  Tina Permo, Sweden  (BOB Champion)

26.10.2003: Ramalo Diogo, Portugal (BOB and BIG 2)

21.06.2003:  Joao V Lisboa, Portugal  (BOB and BIG)

07.06.2003:  John Palmer, Australia (NKK CC)

26.05.2003:  Lynne Lee, Malaysia  (BOS)

25.05.2003:  Kenneth Hogg, South Africa (BOB and BIG 5)

11.05.2003:  Hjørdis Espeland,  Norway (NKK CC)

27.03.2003:  August De Wilde, Belgium (BOS)

15.02.2003:  Hans Lehtinen,  Finland


CK's by:

08.05.2004:  Edlander Anette, Sweden

25.04.2004: Steven Seymour, England

24.04.2004: Joao V Lisboa, Portugal

14.03.2004:  Norman Huidobro Corbett, Spain (BOS)

05.10.2003:  Nenne Runsten, Sweden

28.09.2003: Espen Engh, Norway

16.08.2003: Elisabet Janzon, Sweden

26.07.2003:  Jean-Jaques, France

14.06.2003:  Louis Pinto Teixeira, Mexico

22.02.2003: Benny Blid, Sweden














Photo Kirsten Wahlhovd