Ch Baylind Inky

(Holm-Nilsen / Paradi)

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Inky gaining her Championship in Stavanger 13.09.2009  Judge Marit Sunde, Norway


Inky and best friend Mare in Split 2008




Inky at two years



13.09.2009 NKK Stavanger, Norway: CC and Norwegian Champion  Judge Marit Sunde, Norway

24.07.2008 CAC Split, Croatia: CAC BOS Judge Monique V. Brempt, Belgum

27.07.2008 CACIB Split, Croatia: CAC CACIB BOB  Judge Paul Stanton, Sweden

02.08.2008 Nesbyen, Norway: Baylind Inky CC Judge Marilyn Manley-Smith , Australia

02.08.2008 Nesbyen, Norway: CC  Judge Gunnar Nymann, Denmark