International Nordic Champion Baylind Gerald

born 30.11.2001

International and Nordic Champion

Baylind Gerald


Still going strong!


Here lure coursing at the age of 9 years



Big thanks to Irene and Steinar

who have given him such a good home

all these years








Owned by:

Steinar Mathisen and Irene Skau



























CC's by:

Åke Cronander (Sweden)

August D. Wilde (Belgium)

 Lynne J. Lee (Malaysia)

Eli- Marie Klepp (Norway )

  Nenne Runsten (Sweden)


CK by:

Lotta Brun BOS (Norway)

Les Morrison BOB (South Africa)

Darko Petreski (Croatia)

Norman Huidobro Corbett BOB (Spain)

Tore Fossum BOS (Norway)

Kenneth Hogg (Sout Africa)








Garald gained his final CC under Åke Cronander in Oslo 08.02.04    Congratulations to owners Irene Skau and Steinar Mathisen!