Ch Baylind Asparagus
International, Nordic, Swedish, Danish,
   Norwegian, Finnish, German
   VDH (Verein Deutsche Hunde)
Baylind Asparagus
Great thanks to Mia and Åke Käck 
   for campaigning  Mac so well! 
Champion status:   Inernational, Nordic,Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, German and VDH  
                            Copenhagenwinner-96            9 CACIB's, 15 C C's and 10 CK's to date    
CACIB's by:
August de Wilde (B), Wilifriede Schwerm-Hahne (D), Marlo Hjenquist(S), Nenne Runsten (S), Herman Bürk (D), Michael Derbyshire (Aus),Ann Ingram (Irl), Moa Persson (S)

CC's by:
Karl-Erik Johansson (S), Harto Hallikas (Fin), Nils Molin (S), PamelaCross Stern (GB), August de Wilde (B), Tomas Borkowski (Pol), Mrs A ThStuifbergen-Hoetjes (NL), Kari Edmund (N), Wilifriede Schwerm-Hahne (D),Herman Bürk (D), Marlo Hjernquist (S), Nenne Runsten (S), Anne-MarieThomassen (S), Hr Brixhe (B)

CK's (Champion quality) by:
Luciano Bernini (I), Anita Gielisse (NL), Denise Courtney (GB), EspenEngh (N), Ray lIndholm (S), Leona Davis-Reynart (B), Johan Juslin (Fin),Carol Reisman (USA), Jean Lanning (GB), Mary Girling (GB)

Club show (Sweden) results:
BOS Youngster 96   Judge Nico Fernhout
BD5                  96

Mac has fathered 6 puppies and 2 have become champions and a third has gained CK


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